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Nerve Root Sleeve Injections

A Nerve Root Sleeve Injection (NRSI) is a procedure to provide pain relief for patients with irritated or inflamed spinal nerves. The degree of pain relief depends on specific symptoms and can vary from short to long term.

The procedure can be both diagnostic and therapeutic as it can help identify the nerve that is the source of pain and provide relief.

Before the procedure

No specific preparation is necessary for this procedure although you may be need to stop taking certain blood thinning medications such as aspirin or Warfarin for a few days. Please notify your doctor immediately if you are taking any medications and ask whether you need to discontinue any.

During the procedure

The NRSI procedure is performed under the guidance of a CT machine for pinpoint accuracy. The injection area will be properly cleaned before injection of a local anaesthetic. Our interventional radiologist will carefully position the needle and insert it adjacent to the nerve.

A mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid solution will then be injected. You may experience mild discomfort around the injection site but this is usually temporary.

After the procedure

We recommend for you to remain at the clinic for at least 30 minutes after the injection as you may experience weakness around the limbs. Patients are advised not to operate a motor vehicle after the procedure and will need to find their own transportation back from our clinic. Sustainable relief takes time to develop.


Complications are rare with NRSI but are generally minor if they occur which include temporary weakness around the limbs.

Booking Information

We require bookings for NRSI procedures. Contact us if you have any questions about the procedure or would like to make a booking at our clinic. Our friendly staff is here to provide assistance.