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As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, National Health Survey (2011-12) stated that back and neck pains were most prevalent among the men and women belonging to the 65+ age groups.  These spinal pain issues are responsible for the greatest number of GP visits overall.

The chronic spinal pain may have an impact in the patient’s workplace or at home. It not only affects physically but also impacts mentally. There are certain low impact exercises such as stretching, yoga, walking, and swimming that can be significantly beneficial for the physical and emotional health of the patients.

Here are 5 reasons why back pain and neck pain are not going away:

Technological effect

Technology is literally ruling people’s lives today. Even children not playing outdoors and will indulge in technology-oriented video games or activities. Adults are constantly connected and there is little separation of home from work.

It is of paramount importance to maintain proper posture while working in a sitting or standing posture. Since most of the office work requires people to sit all through, make sure to maintain your sitting posture.  Take regular breaks from your work to get your body moving every now and then eg. 30-60 minutes. A healthy and relaxed body helps in removal of pain as well as prevention of pain from occurring in the first place! A healthy active body also leads to a healthy mind.

Increase in Obesity

Obesity is a major concern in Australia. Most people are work-oriented and do not prioritize body movement at all. Constant inactivity leads to obesity.

Being obese significantly increases the risk of low back pain. In order to prevent this pain, it is important to take adequate measures. This might include embracing nutritional diets, avoiding junk food. Exercise is a must on a daily basis. There is no need to overdo it but allow some time to it regularly.

Effect of aging

Ageing often makes you more susceptible to chronic back and neck related problems. These pains keep on coming back even after recovery from the initial episode of pain.

Here are some basic suggestions for general health and arthritis management:

  • Following a healthy diet rich in nutrients
  • Physical activity on a regular basis
  • Strength training on a regular basis
  • Tai Chi or Yoga or similar
  • Water exercise


Practicing mindfulness and realizing the self-value is very important to replenish for the next day’s work. Take out some time from your busy schedule every day to increase self-awareness and relax your body at the same time. Meditation is helpful as well. This shall help you to unload the work-pressure and give you a relaxing break from the continuous intervention of technology in your life.


Just like work, sleep is vital. Make a daily schedule such that you have a proper time-span devoted to sleeping. Night sleep is of high significance. Patients suffering from chronic back and neck pain should sleep at least for 6-8 hours in the night. This restores their bodies to the initial healthy state.

Good sleeping posture, using a proper pillow and mattress, timely sleeping etc. are some of the important factors that such patients should take care of. They should use a contoured pillow made of latex or memory foam. Back sleepers can use a low profile pillow. Side sleepers can use a medium to high profile pillow.